Window Caravan Awnings


Retractable window caravan awning suitable for caravans, motorhomes and buses.
It may protect your privacy by blocking the view.

This type awning is made of extruded, powder coated aluminium tubes

Gas piston arm, provide a highly wind-stability
Flexible angle-adjustment (Max. Angle 135 degree)
Size: Max. height: 200cm, Max. width: 200cm

Optional system:
Motorized (with remote control/switch)
Manual (with metal crank handle)

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A smart and discreet cassette awning for all kinds of caravan and RV windows. For sun shading in the summertime and insulating in the wintertime, while also protecting your privacy by blocking the view. The awning is made from extruded, powder coated aluminium tubes and all components require just minimal maintenance.

Additional information

Weight9 kg

100cm x 120cm (arm length 80cm), 100cm x 160cm (arm length 100cm), 100cm x 160cm (arm length 80cm), 100cm x 200cm (arm length 100cm), 125cm x 120cm (arm length 80cm), 125cm x 160cm (arm length 100cm), 125cm x 160cm (arm length 80cm), 125cm x 200cm (arm length 100cm), 150cm x 120cm (arm length 80cm), 150cm x 160cm (arm length 100cm), 150cm x 160cm (arm length 80cm), 150cm x 200cm (arm length 100cm), 175cm x 120cm (arm length 80cm), 175cm x 160cm (arm length 100cm), 175cm x 160cm (arm length 80cm), 175cm x 200cm (arm length 100cm), 200cm x 120cm (arm length 80cm), 200cm x 160cm (arm length 100cm), 200cm x 160cm (arm length 80cm), 200cm x 200cm (arm length 100cm), 75cm x 120cm (arm length 80cm), 75cm x 160cm (arm length 100cm), 75cm x 160cm (arm length 80cm), 75cm x 200cm (arm length 100cm)


WA1001 (White/Grey/Black), WA2004 (White/Blue), WA2005 (White/Maroon), WA3003 (Grey/Black Stripe)