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Get Your Caravan Awning Repaired by the Professionals

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  • Post published:October 23, 2019
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Does your awning look like it’s past its prime? Is it time for a repair or a replacement?

Jillaroo Caravan Awnings & Accessories can help you with your caravan awning repairs in the Brisbane area. Time takes it’s toll on everything and being exposed to the elements, awnings take the brunt of it.

Here is what the team at Jillaroo will do to repair your awning:

Vinyl replacement

Often times, if your awning is moldy, worn or torn, it is easier and cheaper to replace the whole thing. When you do replace the material, the new replacement is usually of better quality than the stuff that came with the initial purchase.

Not the case with new Jillaroo awnings however as the vinyl replacements we sell are the exact same as the ones on our new awnings. That is how you know your Jillaroo awning is of the highest calibre. Fully waterproof, UV resistant and designed to withstand storms, both the PVC vinyl fabric and the fixtures are second to none in the awning game. 

The replacement process

You might be tempted to undertake the caravan awning repairs yourself but it requires some tools you might not have as well as at least three other people, two tall ladders and lots of patience. 

First, the repairs team at Jillaroo will pin the awning roller in place and then secure the awning arms so they don’t fall once the roller is removed. Once everything is secured, the setting screws that hold the fabric to the vehicle are removed before the bolts holding the roller in place on the arms are also removed.

The awning is then rolled out fully and the spring in the roller tubing is released and taken out before the tube itself is removed from the fabric. Once this is out, the top of the fabric or the metal protective casing is slid out through the tracks flanking the vehicle.

Your old awning is now off the vehicle so the fabric will be released from the metal casing and it will be prepared for the new fabric. Edges are filled down as to not damage the new awning material and everything is well lubricated.

The new vinyl is lined up and slid through the tracks in the casing and the roller tube. Then end caps are replaces and the casing will be fixed back in place. The new vinyl is then rolled up and everything is re-attached as before. After a few test roll outs, your new awning is ready for action.

This whole rigmarole is the reason why you should leave your caravan awning repairs to the professionals at Jillaroo so give us a call on 1800 726 679 or you can visit to find out more.

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