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How to measure your awning correctly.

How to measure your awning to replace the Vinyl of your Awning

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  • Post published:February 22, 2021
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Over time your awning vinyl can become weathered and delaminated, however all of your hardware is still in good working condition. An easy DIY option is to order a Jillaroo Awning Vinyl Replacement. To get the correct size you need to order, please DO NOT measure the vinyl fabric as shrinkage occurs or the roller – you need to measure the awning frame hardware.

Your awning frame hardware size is measured from the distance between the centre of the upright arm post to the other centre of the arm post (please see our measure guide picture). If the measurement of the distance between the two centre of arm posts is 13FT or 3.96m you have a 13FT awning, which the actual width of the vinyl fabric will be between 12’1″ and 12’3″ for a 13FT Awning frame hardware. In that case you need to order a vinyl replacement for a 13FT Awning.

To measure the projection of your awning please rollout your awning and measure the vinyl projection from the top of the sail track to the second groove in the roller. Our Jillaroo Awning Replacements come standard 8FT to the second groove then the vinyl flap/valance.

Please feel free to get in touch with our friendly customer service team if you need any assistance in measuring your awning replacement correctly.