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Awnings Make Caravanning Better

Caravanning is all about packing up and escaping. And getting you close to nature, the likes of which cannot be achieved while staying in motels with all the comforts of home.


Here at Jillaroo, we have the accessories to make your caravanning experience even better, especially with our range of caravan awnings.


Once you hitch your caravan to your vehicle, Australia is your oyster.


The same is true when you start up your motor home.


What’s not to love about caravanning?


What Weather?


On our beautiful big island, the weather is no less amazing for being unpredictable. But we can be outside to enjoy the barbeque, with the family happily sitting around the table, when the heavens open.


The fun is suddenly on pause. Everyone is rushing to get everything back inside.


But what if the fun didn’t need to stop? What if we could enjoy the food and company no matter the rain?


With one of our quality Jillaroo caravan awnings, you’ll be able to do just that. Simply roll out the awning and carry on regardless.


Another problem you can while caravanning, is the extreme heat. It can be sweltering inside the van with no fresh air coming in.


The unrelenting sun makes it impossible. You’re stuck between hiding inside in the heat or risking sunstroke outdoors.


With a Jillaroo awning, you’ll be able to keep the hot sun at bay and enjoy the fresh air outdoors, sitting comfortably in the shade.


The experience of caravanning goes to a whole new level of enjoyment when you have one of our awnings.


Manual or Electric?


Depending on your budget and needs you can choose from our range of powered and manual awnings. Both come in a choice of 4 fabulous colours. So you can choose one that suits your vehicle and preferences.


A manual awning is a fabulous addition and can be rolled out in seconds. And it has the same sturdy construction as one of our powered awnings.


For speed and convenience, our powered awnings are unrivalled.


Once your caravan or motorhome is parked in your chosen spot, all you do is hit the automated controls and watch the unit do all the work.


In seconds, your awning will be out and ready to use, leaving you free to enjoy your surroundings.


Make Your Trips Even Better


Here at Jillaroo, we are the industry leaders when it comes to caravan awnings.


We’ve got it all covered, whether you need an awning or parts fitted to your caravan, your current awning recovered, or your questions answered about caravan awnings.


For information about our awnings, explore our website or get in touch with us, by calling our team today.

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