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How to Correctly Measure A Caravan Awning

You want to attach a brand new caravan awning to your travelling home, but know that you have to measure it in a certain way in order to get the right size.

If you are new to the world of caravan awnings and aren’t sure what to do, Jillaroo Caravan Awnings and Accessories are here to give you the information you need to correctly size your caravan. 

Going back to basics

There is one simple way to check the measurements of the awning needed for your caravan, and that is by looking in the manual which came with your caravan. The listing should say “Awning measurement” or “size”, and will display a value in millimetres.

This is the measurement you need to bring to Jillaroo

More complicated methods

Now, we know that not everyone’s caravan came with an instruction manual, particularly if it was bought second-hand.

We also know that not everyone keeps their manual, because sometimes it’s necessary to throw away the most important information on your vehicle.

In this case, things are now a little bit more difficult. 

Collecting your tools

You will need a variety of tools to complete this task. We recommend a roll of rope, some string or even some yarn, basically anything similar which can be easily extended from one edge of the awning to the other plus a bit extra.

You’ll also need a tent peg and something to knock it in with, and of course a pen and paper to write down the measurement. 

Manually measuring an awning

First, place a tent peg in the ground parallel with the back part of your awning rail. Tie your string to the peg, and then pull the string along the awning rail, right along the whole length until you reach the front part of the caravan.

Take the string to the ground in a diagonal length with the end point, finishing just in front of the caravan. If both ends are in position, cut the string at the ground where you are holding it, and then take a measurement.

This is the size for your awning. 

Need help with awnings?

If you want assistance with caravan awnings, including sizing it up and making sure you have the right length, speak to the team at Jillaroo.

You can contact us online, or call 1800-726-679 with any queries you may have.